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03rd Aug 2021

Guy finds Aldi version of Hula Hoops in branded multipack

Kieran Galpin

The Hula Hoop scandal taking place on Reddit

The age-old debate between staple brands and supermarket own brands has raged on for years, with many concluding that Tesco’s own ‘Weetabix’ are actually better than the original. But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could reach for your Hula Hoops and also receive Aldi’s Snackrite’s as a hidden extra?

In this kinder-egg like moment, one Reddit user opened his multi-pack Hula Hoops only to discover that Aldi’s own brand also lay within. “My multipack of Hula Hoops® included one packet of Aldi Snackrite® Hoops. My entire worldview is now hanging on by a thread,” they wrote on Reddit.

The reactions to this David Attenborough level discovery are golden:

“It was Sainsbury’s! Maybe I should try and pit Sainsbury’s and Aldi against each other,” writes the original poster, who ended the statement with an eerie smirk emoji. Another user replied: “that’s a lot of hoops to jump through.”

Amongst talks of a deep Hula Hoop conspiracy, are those suggesting brilliant ideas to milk the guilty parties for all their worth.

“Step 1: Complain to Hula Hoops about the mistake, and receive a free voucher,” writes one mastermind.

“Step 2: Complain to Aldi about how a packet of their Hula Hoops got into the multipack, and receive a free voucher.

“Step 3: Complain to Sainsbury’s, where you actually got the multipack from, and receive a free voucher.

“Step 4: Buy a bag to put all the Hula Hoops in.”

“Worked in a factory that made food for Aldi Lidl Sainsburys all next to each other and sharing machines and equipment with same pack sizes,” wrote another user who has first-hand knowledge of crisp-gate.

The award for the darkest comment goes to ‘LuxNocte’ who simply wrote “Illusion of choice”.

“Yup, all off-brand Weetabix is made in the Weetabix factory in Kettering.

“Heinz makes Tesco baked beans.

“Seems Hula Hoops are all made in the same place too.”

What is even real anymore?