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03rd Nov 2018

Greggs may have come up with the best marketing stunt of all time

Kyle Picknell

Where would this country be without Greggs?

We wouldn’t exactly be eating out of dustbins, no, but still. We’d be much worse off, that’s for sure.

The sausage rolls, the steak bakes, the bacon roll and coffee deal in the morning. These components make up the very backbone of our society.

Sure, Greggs has its faults. The pizza slices are terrible. You will get attacked by pigeons trying to consume literally any of their products outdoors. Sometimes they run out of Yum-Yums.

But even so, it’s a Great British institution. The hot-off-the-counter crumbly goodness that only meat-filled pastries can bring. As far as brands go, it is iconic. The big blue sign, the white lettering, the font, huge and bold and simple, like a child shouting. The four orange squares, perhaps the simplest, laziest logo ever created. It’s all instantly recognisable.

Yes, Yes I can go there, and yes I can eat absolutely loads for approximately £3.80.

They don’t need marketing really, but even in that department, they are proving to be absolutely light years ahead of every other food vendor on the high street.

Take a look at this, a work of pure, unbridled genius.

Reversing their sign, which now reads “SGGERG” to anyone standing directly outside the shop, therefore infiltrating the Fenwick’s special Christmas window layout, is astonishing in its simplicity, audacity, and crucially, its effectiveness.

Huge crowds gathered on Northumberland Street in Newcastle to gaze at the windows, only to find themselves brainwashed into the sudden inescapable need for meat and gravy and pastry to course through their veins.

Greggs bakers: they might look a bit silly in their hairnets and they might take a suspicious length of time to count simple amounts of change, but there is definitely more than meets the eye if this is anything to go off.