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16th Feb 2022

Genius man invents ‘sloppy slacks’ for people who don’t wash their hands after eating

Kieran Galpin

*Quietly adds to basket*

A content creator and inventor has created jeans – or “sloppy slacks” – that come with foldaway compartments hiding towels to wipe your hands on while eating.

Matty Benedetto has become a TikTok staple thanks to his creations designed “to solve problems that don’t exist.” One such problem is getting food on your clothes – or specifically, wiping your hands on your trousers.

To combat this issue, Benedetto invented “unassuming trousers” with two easy-to-remove sections hiding a pair of “integrated, highly-absorbing antcloth pads.” Essentially, while eating messy foods, you fold away the flaps and wipe your hands on the pads instead of creating unnecessary washing.

He explained: “Once your meal is complete simply reattach each of the denim covers to cover the mess and go about your day looking fresher than ever.” Since posting to Instagram, the concept has been viewed over two million times and has amassed 108k likes and thousands of comments.

One user, who is clearly a fan of the page, wrote: “These inventions are always necessary sell me something lol.”

Another person echoed the previous sentiments, adding that he should: “Change the name of this page to necessary inventions because it no longer gives what the name suggests.”

However not everyone is sold on the design, with most critical comments questioning what you do afterwards. Are you meant to go about your day and nervously await the moment your jeans flap open to reveal the mess? Are the pads removable? Are they washing machine safe?

While these are all valid questions, they defeat the purpose of Benedetto’s page, which is largely based on satire.

Other inventions include automated scissors that cut spaghetti while eating, a guard for your phone to protect it from people wanting to swipe through pictures and a syringe to inject sauce into burritos.

But seriously, someone take this man to Dragon’s Den.

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