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16th Dec 2021

People can’t believe the ridiculous price of a burger and chips at Arsenal

Daniel Brown

It doesn’t exactly look appetising, either

Football fans have been left astounded as Arsenal supporters are charged £18.05 for a double bacon cheeseburger and fries at the Emirates.

Prior to the Gunners’ home game against West Ham on Wednesday, photos of the food and menu went viral after being posted from the Twitter account Footy Scran – with some people questioning how fans could chose to pay that amount for a burger and fries.

The double bacon cheeseburger is £14.30 by itself, with the addition of chips increasing the total by £3.75.

Other items on the menu include chicken burgers, cheeseburgers and vegan burgers, all of which are priced at £11.80.

“For £18.05 I want to be eating that in the dressing room, listening to the halftime team-talk before heading up to my heated seat in the directors box,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

A second user wrote: “F**k me, I’d want 3 courses for that and a drink!”

And a third tweeted: “Christ that’s a f***ing rip off. I haven’t eaten at arsenal in years, as with all grounds you can get a dirty burger outside for £4”.

Someone else added: “For £18.05, you could buy 85 [per cent] of football clubs in Scotland.”

With a fifth adding: “Not surprised considering you need to take out a mortgage to buy a season ticket down there. Scandalous place.”

Arsenal moved into the top four with a 2-0 win over West Ham at the Emirates on Wednesday, with Gabriel Martinelli and Emile Smith-Rowe both getting on the scoresheet.

The Gunners climbed one point ahead of the Hammers, but sixth-placed Manchester United do have a game in hand, if they end up playing any football before the year is over.

Speaking after the match, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta praised his side, stating that they were “fully focused” and showed “total unity” with their performance.

He said: “They showed exactly what I expect from them.

“They showed total unity with the team. We are building a project and building a project without the people is impossible.

“They were fully focused. They wanted to show how strong we are as a team.

“The performance, the attitude and the commitment they showed today is exactly what we are as a club.”

At present, Arteta is yet to comment on the money he is club is charging for some meat between two slices of bread.

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