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22nd Apr 2018

Cheese on toast popcorn is a thing and it sounds delicious

We need this inside our stomachs ASAP

Jade Hayden

If you like food (and aren’t a vegan), chances are you’ll like cheese.

It’s good with everything – bread, pizza, pasta, toast, wraps, more bread.

You name it and chances are cheese is utterly and unequivocally delicious on it.

That goes for popcorn too so, naturally, when we heard that cheese on toast popcorn existed we were fairly excited.

Very excited, actually.

I mean look at it. Look at it!

Popcorn is healthy too so, you know, you can have all the glory of a cheese on toast without the supposed guilt of carbs.

Or you can just have a cheese toastie as well as some cheese toastie popcorn on the side.

Treat yourself… you know you deserve it.

The popcorn is being sold by confectionary company JoeSeph on

The popcorn is air popped, gluten free, and coated in caramel and mature cheddar cheese to give you the full cheese on toast experience.

Basically, it sounds delicious and we need it inside of our stomachs ASAP.

If you, for some unknown reason, don’t like cheese though, there’s also a gin and tonic version of the popcorn too.

Sounds a bit mad, we know, but there’s only so wrong you can go with gin.

We wouldn’t say no, to be honest. We definitely wouldn’t say no.