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15th Oct 2021

Asda sells out of frozen turkeys as Brits stockpile for Christmas

Kieran Galpin


You might not be gobbling turkey this Christmas

Frozen turkeys are already selling out in numerous supermarkets across the UK as Brits prepare for the festive season.

Images on social media seem to show that Asda stores across the country are completely stripped of frozen festive favourites.


As reported in the Mirror, one Asda in Birmingham holds a single turkey crown in a freezer. The surrounding aisle is completely stripped of festive foods. A sign in the store read: “Sorry, temporarily out of stock.”

This comes amid a growing shortage of other products across the country, despite chancellor Rishi Sunak claiming there are a “good amount of Christmas presents available”.

But this is part of a broader issue that could put a strain on a festive period that’s already bound to be stressful. On Thursday (October 14), Amazon warned that people might have to order their presents in November should they want them for Christmas.


“There’s an effort to shift the big push of orders that comes through ahead of mid-December earlier,” an insider told the Independent.

“It’s hard to overestimate the level of supply disruption we’re facing, even with our resources. It’s going to be a long, quite painful road to a new normal and air freight can’t take all the strain off of other routes.”

The online retailer will be reminding users through flags and pop-ups that should offer more information on delays.

This has spurred lots of Brits to begin their shopping, with many flooding to the likes of Smyths Toys to grab their kids’ coveted Christmas favourites. Though many outlets are dubbing the purchasing as ‘panic buying’ images look to be like regular Christmas shopping.

That being said, it might be best to start planning ahead and figuring out your Christmas attack plan.

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