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02nd Jun 2023

3 ways to take your snacking game to the next level

Sarah McKenna Barry

Brought to you by Warburtons.

If you’re looking for snack inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Feel like your work lunch could be spruced up a bit? Fancy snacking on something different? Well consider this your sign to try something new.

Warburtons, Britain’s number one bakery brand, has just launched their latest addition, and it’s bound to spark your snacking creativity.

Warburtons Crumpet Thins still have that same buttery taste of the original and giant crumpets, and they’re made with all the same high-quality ingredients, but in a thinner form, making them ideal for versatile snacking. Load them with your favourite savoury toppings for an indulgent snack, use them in your sandwiches or integrate them in a decadent dessert.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some of our favourite ways to snack with Warburtons Crumpet Thins. These recipes are quick, simple and super satisfying.

Leek & Crayfish Crumpet Thins

For a delicious snack or a tasty appetiser, these Leek & Crayfish Crumpet Thins are bound to hit the spot.

Slice a leek thinly and cook for 3-4 minutes in 50g of butter and a splash of oil until soft. Next, remove the leeks from the pan and add the Crumpet Thins into the remaining butter and toast them on both sides. Then, put the leeks back on medium heat and cook 120g of crayfish until they’re warm.

Top your Crumpet Thins with the leek and crayfish mix, plate up and enjoy!

Mini Crum-pizzas

Spread a tomato and herb sauce across your Crumpet Thins, sprinkle grated mozzarella on top, as well as any pizza toppings you like. Then, pop in the oven and allow to bake until the cheese melts. This makes for a satisfying savoury snack, or pop a few in, and serve them with a fresh, green salad for a quick midweek meal.

Banoffee Crumpet Thins

Use your Crumpet Thins to give this classic dessert an upgrade.

Start off by melting 75g of butter in a frying pan. In the meantime, peel and slice two bananas in half length ways, and then in quarters length ways. Add them to the pan, along with 40g of caster sugar and baste the bananas until they’re caramelised.

Then, add more butter and a splash of vegetable oil to a different frying pan and toast your Crumpet Thins on a medium heat until they’re golden. To serve, place your Crumpet Thins in the centre of your plate, pour on a squeeze of caramel sauce, then add your banana mix. Finally, drizzle with even more caramel sauce and had a dollop of clotted cream.

Keep it classic

Of course, they say there’s no beating the classics, and this is certainly true of Warburtons Crumpet Thins. Toast them to your liking and then slather on butter or jam, pop on the kettle and enjoy with a cup of tea.

Warburtons Crumpet Thins are now available at most supermarkets nationwide.

Brought to you by Warburtons. 

Introducing Warburtons NEW Crumpet Thins. The nation’s favourite Crumpet with the same great taste only thinner, quick to prepare and perfect for a snack at any time of the day!