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16th Apr 2015

Video: Monster 22-year-old repping out a giant 87kg dumbbell like it’s a balloon

This guy is a monster...

Ben Kenyon

There’s strong…and then there’s freakishly strong.

And Matjaz Belsak definitely falls into the latter category.

The Slovenian strongman is just 22 but this video shows him manhandling an 87kg giant circus dumbell like it’s a party balloon.

Young he may be, but he knocked out a ridiculous 14 reps of single-arm dumbbell clean and presses at the MHP Strongman Champions League at FIBO fitness expo.

Not that he’s showing off, but that equals the world record for the event set by Vytautas Lalas (who came second in the World’s Strongest Man 2012).

I don’t think this is the last you will hear of Belsak.

(H/T Strongman Champions League)