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27th Apr 2015

Video: Britain’s Eddie Hall conquers ‘The Mountain’ on the Atlas Stones at World’s Strongest Man 2015

Game of Stones...

Ben Kenyon

He is known as The Mountain in Game of Thrones.

A monster of a man who is yet to be defeated in Westeros.

Well Hafthor Bjornsson met his match in real life at World’s Strongest Man 2015 in Malaysia.

The Icelandic strongman went up against Britain’s Eddie Hall in the Atlas Stones…and lost.

Here’s Eddie tearing through those stones like pebbles on Brighton beach…

Unfortunately for Eddie, Thor beat him into third place overall.

But not before Eddie could get one over on reigning champion Zydrunas Savickas on the 370kg deadlift.

A great showing from the 26-year-old strongman from Stoke. JOE has no doubt he will win the title one year.

(H/T Strongman Fire)