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15th Sep 2021

Your penis shrinks as you get older, but this TikTok doctor explains how to prevent it

Kieran Galpin


A doctor who specialises in aesthetic enhancements has spoken to Buzzfeed on all things penis related, including how to prevent yours from getting smaller as you age.

Dr Edward Zimmerman, better known as the ‘D*ck Doc’ from TikTok used to specialise in family medicine before making the jump to cosmetic surgery in the 1990s. He currently practices in Las Vegas at Aesthetic Revolution.

He sat down with Buzzfeed’s Krista Torres to discuss the ins-and-outs of the male genitalia. Zimmerman confirmed that penises do get smaller with age and that it is usually girth men tend to lose. However, he did say that you can lose length should you not use it.

“You’ll also lose length if you’re rarely using it. It truly is a use-it-or-lose-it type of deal,” he said. It turns out you can beat time, you only have to give your body some attention.

They also discussed the average size for a penis, which Zimmerman confirms to be around five inches. Now before men jump in the comments exclaiming they strap it to their leg, remember that geographical location also factors into national averages.

The United Kingdom is actually pretty far down on the list when it comes to average penis size, reports World Info. You might want to grab a notepad and pen should you want to plan some holidays if the Traffic Light system is axed.

So the UK, whose average size is 5 inches, currently sits just above China but below Armenia who beat us on average by 1cm.

Here’s the top ten:

  1. Ecuador- 7 inches
  2. Cameroon- 6.56 inches
  3. Bolivia- 6.5 inches
  4. Sudan- 6.48 inches
  5. Haiti – 6.3 inches
  6. Senegal- 6.27 inches
  7. Gambia- 6.25 inches
  8. Netherlands- 6.24 inches
  9. Cuba- 6.24 inches
  10. Zambia- 6.21 inches

The bottom spot goes to Cambodia with an average of 3.9 inches.

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