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For many people, Andy Turner will be best known as one of the best British hurdlers to emerge since the days of Colin Jackson.

The 35-year-old won gold at the European Championships 110m hurdles event in 2010, and also has a World Championships bronze medal to his name.

But these days the retired athlete looks rather different, as since hanging up his spikes he has turned his attentions to bodybuilding. And he's very serious about it.

Here's Turner in his hurdling days

AVIVA European Trials & UK Championships - Day Three

And this is what he looks like now

"I saw pictures of blokes looking shredded and didn't think I could do it," Turner told the BBC.


"I've always been lean and slim because of running but I've never been able to hold on to muscle and be lean at the same time."

He was named Miami Pro over-35s champion on his bodybuilding debut, and has no plans to give up competitive bodybuilding just yet.

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