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12th Jun 2018

Mac from Always Sunny has got himself absolutely ripped

All that cultivating mass has paid off

Paul Moore

All that cultivating mass has paid off

Throughout Hollywood history, an endless amount of jabronis have gained and lost weight for a variety of reasons. Usually, it’s for a role but in the case of Rob McElhenney (creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/head of security at Paddy’s Pub) he gained an extraordinary amount of weight -50 pounds – solely as a joke. A joke.

In fact, the gang even built an episode around this in ‘How Mac Got Fat’ and not even Dennis’ ‘size pills’ could help him.

To be fair, as Ronald MacDonald (that name still makes us laugh) said: “This is what America is about, okay? Being able to eat at any rate you want to eat…”

As stated previously, the Always Sunny gang were at this year’s Pride and aside from Danny DeVito proving what a champ of a man he is, McElhenney has now confirmed what we all thought was true because in his own immortal words: “People change, Frank. Look at me: I went from a tiny twink to the muscle-bound freak you see before you.”

Ladies and gents, here’s what Mac (Rob McElhenney) looks like now…

Only kidding. In all seriousness, the man looks like he’s been hitting the crowtein hard. Fair play to him.

No need for an ocular pat-down here because it’s clear that the man is absolutely shredded.

Mac Sunny Ripped