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30th Nov 2022

Liver King exposed after alleged leaked emails reveal daily steroid routine

Charlie Herbert

Liver King steroids

Joe Rogan has previously said Liver King is ‘shooting all kinds of s**t into his system’

Alleged leaked emails obtained by a YouTube channel appear to show that internet sensation The Liver King regular takes steroids and performance-enhancing substances.

If you haven’t heard of the guy, Liver King has shot to internet fame in the last couple of years thanks to his extremely ripped physique and his preaching of a holistic, “primal” carnivorous diet.

His USP is pretty simple – he eats raw meat on the regular, and is particularly fond of liver.

He even shares posts which appear to show him making his family follow his caveman diet.

Liver King has since managed to turn his lifestyle into quite the money spinner and sells “ancestral supplements” on his website

But it turns out all may not be as it seems.

The YouTube channel MorePlatesMoreDates obtained emails allegedly sent from the Liver King to a bodybuilding coach in which the Liver King asks for advice on how to better his steroid cycle.

On Tuesday, Derek from the Youtube channel shared video to his 1.52m subscribers, revealing the alleged emails.

In the alleged leaked emails, the Liver King admitted to taking over $11.5k in HGH supplements a month, including several performance-enhancing drugs.

Here’s the list of steroids/non-steroids Liver King used as per the alleged leaked emails.

The Liver King has yet to respond to the accusations, but it’s not the first time he’s been accused of taking steroids and performance-enhancing substances.

Joe Rogan initially suggested the Liver King for used steroids, but Liver King responded by saying “he didn’t touch the stuff.”

In an episode of his podcast, Rogan said: “The Liver King thing drives me nuts, because that guy’s on steroids, just shut the f**k up.

“I know he’s eating really healthy, he’s eating all these animal foods, he’s eating organ meat which is very rich in nutrients, all that is true.

“But he’s dodging the main bullet. Look at him! Do you know how rare it is to have a physique like that and not be on steroids?

“That’s a gimmick, that guy. He’s got an ass filled with steroids is what he got. That’s not a natural body. That guy is shooting all kinds of s**t into his system to achieve that kind of physique.

“I don’t even know if there’s a benefit in eating raw meat. From what I’ve understood, talking to experts, there’s actually a lot gained from cooking because the protein becomes more bioavailable.”

Liver King responded to Rogan’s words, telling GQ “I don’t touch the stuff,” that he’s “grateful to Joe Rogan for bringing me into his ecosystem” and that he’d love to go on the podcast someday.

You can watch the full video about the alleged leaked emails here.

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