Eddie Hall just deadlifted 500kg and obliterated the world record 4 years ago

Eddie Hall just deadlifted 500kg and obliterated the world record

Eddie Hall is an absolute strength god.

The Stoke-On-Trent strongman has absolutely obliterated the world deadlift record by pulling a 500kg weight.

The 29-stone monster has been threatening to lift the mythical half ton deadlift for some time now.

But he shocked the world when he ripped the bar off the floor with unbelievable east and put himself in the record books with the monstrous lift at the World Deadlift Championships in Leeds.

A crowd of 10,000 people at the First Direct Arena were there to see Hall attempt to smash his own record.

He took a huge whiff of smelling salts before heaving the 500kg bar up off the deck and locked out at the top. The man nicknamed The Beast made it look a piece of piss.

Barely a year ago Hall smashed the deadlift record with a freakish lift of 463kg (1,020lb in old money) at Europe's Strongest Man.

But the half ton deadlift eclipses anything that has gone before. No human in history has ever lifted such an incredible weight off the ground.

The crazy thing about this new record is that just three years ago strongmen were battling to hit the 400kg mark. Nobody every thought 500kg would ever be possible.

But the four-time UK's strongest man has been pushing the boundaries of this punishing strength sport and achieved the impossible and forever etched his name in the pantheon of greats.

Nobody could quite believe what they had just witnessed.