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20th Dec 2022

The worst-reviewed movie of 2022 has been revealed

Rory Cashin

Five of the 15 worst movies of the year were Netflix exclusives

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, it is time to take stock, and that includes putting a spotlight on the single worst movie of 2022.

Already we’ve looked at the best-reviewed movie of the year, 22 great hidden gem movies you might have missed, and the 22 most important movies of 2022.

So now we’re looking at the end of the scale, and JOE’s own pick for worst movie of the year isn’t on here, but it does have something in common with a large portion of the worst movies of the year list: it is also a Netflix release.

Outside of that, while there are a fair amount of movies on this countdown that we’ve never even heard of before, there are also some entries with big stars attached, including Charlize Theron (#15), Liam Neeson (#8) and Kevin Hart (#5).

The scores below are provided by Metacritic, with at least four major publications needed to provide their review for a movie to count. Here is the full list of the 15 worst movies of 2022:

15. The School For Good and Evil – 30%

14. Purple Hearts – 30%

13. Fisherman’s Friends: One and All – 29%

12. The Mean One – 29%

11. Paradise City – 29%

10. The Lost Girls – 29%

9. Mother Schmuckers – 28%

8. Blacklight – 27%

7. Shattered – 27%

6. The Friendship Game – 26%

5. Me Time – 25%

4. Home Time – 23%

3. Asking For It – 20%

2. Zero Contact – 18%

And here we are, the worst movie of 2022 according to critics is…

1. 365 Days: This Day – 8%

Yep, the sequel to the 2020 “erotic thriller” which was pretty much about a woman who fell in love with the scary man who kidnapped her, which was also the worst movie of that year.

This one dropped on April this year, and just four months later, ANOTHER sequel arrived – The Next 365 Days – which only has two official reviews: a 1 out of 5, and 1 out of 10, so… at least the trilogy was consistent.

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