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16th Dec 2022

Dropped as Superman, Henry Cavill has already made his next big move

Dave Hanratty

Definitely a passion project for the man

It’s been a strange few weeks for Henry Cavill, hasn’t it?

First – and spoilers here for a recent enough superhero film you either saw or, judging by the box office takings, maybe didn’t bother with – he pops up in the post-credits sequence of Black Adam, finally stepping back into the cape of Superman after much fevered speculation.

Days after the film’s release – and some social media frenzy from fans who love Cavill’s take on Superman – the actor put out a statement noting his excitement to once more play the Man of Tomorrow.

And there’s no doubting Cavill’s enthusiasm – he genuinely loves getting to play Superman, and much like his turn as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher (which is coming to an end for him), he’s won over a hugely dedicated fan base thanks to his charm and visible passion for getting to be a big part of this world.

Jump forward to earlier this week and Cavill finds himself rather unceremoniously booted from the Superman role, thanks to the James Gunn-shaped reboot of the DC Extended Universe.

Still with us? Cool. Many fans speculated that Cavill is hanging up his Witcher boots in order to return to the Superman gig full time. Perhaps that was indeed the case. Not now, certainly.

Rumours that Cavill could end up playing the new James Bond – he wasn’t the most recent front-runner, though – are once again hotting up, but nothing has officially advanced on the tuxedo front.

What we do know is that Cavill is very close to bringing a passion of his to life to the screen – Warhammer 40,000.

In case you were unfamiliar, Cavill is a long outspoken and proud fan of the Warhammer table-top game series, and several other fantasy epics like World of Warcraft.

During interviews over the year, he’s often talked about staying up all night playing these games – sometimes being late to auditions as a result – with people usually taken aback that someone who looks like Henry Cavill could ever be in love with such a thing.

Here he is on The Graham Norton Show in 2021, suffering a bit of ‘What, really?!’ snark from Graham when discussing his love for Warhammer:

At least Tom Holland seemed to be up for it. Anyway, Cavill is officially making a Warhammer adaptation for the small screen. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon is in “final talks” to acquire the rights from Games Workshop.

This follows months of negotiations while also shutting out rival production companies. If and when the dotted line is signed, Warhammer would sit alongside recent Amazon-fronted fantasy shows like the Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

At this juncture, Cavill is attached to star in the show and act as executive producer. Given the very early stages of development here – and the fact that it isn’t 100% green-lit just yet – it will likely be some time before it hits your streaming queue.

Cavill, meanwhile, is set to star in the Matthew Vaughn-directed spy film Argylle, set for release in 2023.

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