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02nd Jul 2020

Whatever happened to Guitar Hero?

For a time they were some of the biggest games around

In gaming, just as in other areas of life, fads and trends come and go. Certain genres of video games are incredibly popular for a while, and it can seem like they’ll never stop being made.

Then, in a flash, they’re gone as quickly as they came. One such genre of game was the music simulators that dominated gaming charts in the 2000s.

Guitar Hero came onto the scene in 2005 and wowed gamers. Coming with a guitar shaped controller, it changed everything. Players would touch colour-coded button in relation to the music and play away.

It was intuitive and almost felt like you were actually playing guitar. Crucially, it also had a great difficulty curve, meaning novices and experts could enjoy it.

Rock Band then came along a couple of years later and, for a while, both simply cleaned up. But then, they went away. This is the story of how that happened.