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01st Sep 2015

Watch an emotional Hulk Hogan begging fans for forgiveness (Video)


Hulk Hogan broke his silence and begged for forgiveness following his racism fallout.

Last month a recording from 2007 of the wrestler, real name Terry Bollea, using racial slurs emerged which led to his contract being terminated by the WWE and his career wiped from the hall of fame.

Hulk Hogan appeared on Good Morning America in the first interview since the leaked audio.

“Out of everything I’ve been through, this one hit me probably the hardest,” he says.

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The reporter asks: “Are you a racist?”

“No I’m not,” he replies. “I’m not a racist. I never should have said what I said, it was wrong. I’m embarrassed by it. A lot of people need to realise you inherit things from your environment. Where I grew up was South Tampa, a really rough neighbourhood, a very low income, my friends, we greeted each other using that word, or it was thrown around like it was nothing…”

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Is it fair to say that you inherited a racial bias?

“I would say that is very fair. The environment I grew up in, all my white friends, all my black friends, to hear the word on a daily basis…”

He asks his fans around the world “oh my gosh, please forgive me.”