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30th Apr 2015

Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger and a lucky fan smashing sh*t up in a huge tank

Because Schwarzenegger...

Ben Kenyon

What’s cooler than watching Arnie smash sh*t up in a tank Hollywood style?

Riding shotgun in a Chieftain with the legendary action hero himself, obviously.

One lucky fan ‘Alex’ does just that in this amazing video Tanks for Nothing.

Arnie flew the lad out to LA to come and crush things in his huge battle tank…and film this brilliant cheesy action movie trailer in the process.

The pair are filmed charging around in Arnie’s tank smashing up cars, smoking cigars and dropping one-liners faster than extras die in a Tarantino film… all in the name of charity After School All Stars.

But obviously the Terminator vowed ‘he’ll be back’ (sorry) with the sequel Don’t Blow It where another lucky fan will get to blow things up with a sh*t tonne of explosives.