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03rd Aug 2023

UNO is looking for a ‘chief player’ to play 4 hours a day for £3,500 a week

Charlie Herbert

UNO is looking for a 'chief player' to play 4 hours a day for £3,000 a week

You only need to answer four questions to apply

The company that created UNO are looking for a ‘chief player’ to play the game for £3,000 a week.

Unquestionably one of the most popular and iconic card games in the world, many an hour has been spent by families or groups of friends slamming down reverses, wild cards, skips and the dreaded +4 pickup.

It’s a game that can divide players just as much as it can unite them, and if we’re being totally honest with ourselves we can all probably think of at least one moment when we’ve got more angry than we should have at a game of UNO.

But, if you consider yourself a bit of an UNO wizard, then this could be the job opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

UNO games aren’t always this friendly (Getty)

Mattel has announced it is on the search for it’s first-ever “Chief UNO Player” to test out and teach people how to play the latest version of the game – UNO Quatro.

The job will require working from 2pm-6pm for four days a week for four weeks in a row starting from September 13.

Each week will pay $4,444 (£3,482), meaning that the lucky applicant will come away with a tasty pay packet of $17,776 (£13,926) by the end of their stint.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the job is based in one of the greatest cities in the world – New York.


🚨do you have what it takes to be our CHIEF UNO PLAYER?🚨 are you passionate about throwing down the Draw 4 and playing the Reverse Card IRL? stitch this video, introduce yourself and answer these four questions:   what’s your best memory playing UNO? what’s your best Reverse Card moment? why shouldn’t we SKIP you as the Chief UNO player? what’s your fave version of UNO?   submit your video by August 10th at 11:59 PM PST and check out the link in our bio for more information.

♬ Summer – Croquet Club

There is one catch to the role though, which is that you have to be a permanent citizen in the US to apply for the job.

Along with teaching people how to play UNO Quatro, the chief player will also help the team produce content for their video channels.

According to Mattel’s website, the game is ‘a classic four-in-a-row challenge’ but ‘with a twist’.

The main difference is that UNO Quatro involves players using a pile of colourful tiles, instead of cards. They need to try and get four in a row while matching the colour or number, just like in the classic game we all know and love.

According to the job description, other requirements for the role are: “Be friendly and willing to ask strangers to play the game. Be able to teach strangers how to play the game in an engaging way. Must be able to sit for long periods, lift and carry 50 lbs., and set up playing tables & tents on location.”

The job application requires applicants to answer four questions in their own video on TikTok, stitching this together with the UNO promotion video. The questions are:

• What’s your best memory of playing UNO?
• What’s your best Reverse Card moment?
• Why shouldn’t you get skipped as the Chief UNO player?
• What’s your favourite version of UNO?

Announcing the position, Ray Adler, Mattel’s global head of games, said: “We’re constantly looking to create new ways for fans to engage with UNO.

“We’re thrilled to offer a position to the ultimate UNO player to help introduce our brand-new game.”

Applications close on 10 August.

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