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06th May 2019

UNO: You have been playing UNO wrong all your life

This information is new

Oli Dugmore

This information is new

UNO has ruled that you cannot stack +2 and +4 cards on top of each other.

Let that sink in.

You cannot stack +2 or +4 cards. At all.


The game’s creator tweeted yesterday the stacking of ‘pick up’ cards is illegal. If a +4 is played the next player must collect four cards and skip their turn. If a +2 is played it’s a two card pick up and a skipped turn.

To be fair, you would know that if you ever read the game’s rules.

Still, it’s a commonly used tactic in ultra-competitive UNOdowns, stack up the pick ups and romp to victory.

But hey. Why let the rules get in the way of you merking an infant relative? They probably don’t have Twitter and I’m no grass.