This website has recipes for some of The Simpsons' most iconic dishes 6 years ago

This website has recipes for some of The Simpsons' most iconic dishes

Have you ever watched an episode of 'The Simpsons' and wondered what it would be like to recreate some of the things Homer eats?

Actually, don't even answer that. We know you have - you're only human after all.


Some of his most famous creations are fairly self-explanatory...

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But for the more complex creations (well, that and the 'tasty' combo of cloves, Tom Collins mix and frozen pie crust), there's the brilliant website Eats Like a Duck.


The imaginative recipe blog gives you all the tools to recreate Marge's pork chops, a Flaming Homer (not a Flaming Moe) and the Cookie Colossus macadamia (or should that be macamadamia?) cookie.

You can even make your own version of Big John's Breakfast Log if you're a glutton for punishment (or just a glutton).

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So settle down with a cool glass of turnip juice and start cooking. And remember, it's eat as much as you like, not eat as much as you can.


Sample Recipe: Cheeto Root Beer Noodles


  • Noodles
  • Cheetos
  • Root Beer
  • Hot Dogs



Boil noodles until they are al dente, if you want to save time and water, boil the hot dog in the same water as the noodles. Pulverize Cheetos until they form a powder. Add Cheetos powder to a saucepan and slowly pour in root beer. Add noodles and mix until they are well combined. If the sauce is too thick, add more root beer. When the sauce reaches desired thickness, add sliced hot dogs.

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