There’s a film called ‘Omicron’ and the plot is sending conspiracy theorists wild 6 months ago

There’s a film called ‘Omicron’ and the plot is sending conspiracy theorists wild

The film is about aliens, but that doesn't automatically make Covid an alien creation

Conspiracy theorists have lost it after discovering that Omicron is both the name of a Covid variant and a 1963 film about aliens.


The revelation has prompted people to suggest "we are heading for hell".

Given Omicron may yet cancel Christmas and claim lives, the non-existent link between movie and virus is obvious territory for conspiracy theorists to explore. And they just did that, piling on to help spread unfounded panic.


Omicron, the film, has nothing to do with disease, yet conspiracy theorists have drawn together a loose patchwork of theories that they take as proof.

"A dead factory worker comes back to life after his body becomes inhabited by an invisible alien," reads the plot of the film.

Here's what was concluded on Twitter.


As a result, fake movie posters have begun circulating on the platform with 'variant' added to the title.

"1963 movie and 58 years later we are witnessing the Omicron Variant reality!" one person tweeted alongside the fake poster.


"How come, is this pre-planned," another wrote about the doctored marketing material.

But the creator of the posters, Becky Cheatle, has since responded to her posters going viral.

"Hi. It's been brought to my attention that one of my posters is circulating on Spanish language Twitter as 'proof' of a Covid hoax. It's just a goof because I thought Omicron Variant sounded like a 70s sci-fi movie. Please do not get sick on account of my dumb joke. Thanks," she wrote.



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