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16th Apr 2024

The Neverending Story set to be rebooted with new series of live-action movies

Nina McLaughlin

“Every generation deserves their own journey into Fantastica.”

The beloved 1984 film The Neverending Story is getting a reboot.

Based on German author Michael Ende’s fantasy novel of the same name, the film adaptation has received cult classic status amongst fantasy lovers.

However, the childhood classic is set to be given a new life as Michael Ende Productions and See-Saw Films are set to revive it through multiple live-action films.

For those who haven’t seen the 1984 adaptation, the story follows Bastian Balthasar Bux, who picks up a copy of ‘The Neverending Story’ while escaping into a bookshop to evade bullies.

Bastian quickly becomes consumed by the tale of the land of Fantastica, and realises they need his help in order to save them from a horrendous force known as ‘The Nothing’. Soon enough, Bastian ends up in Fantastica, with its world of dragons and huge kingdoms, in order to try and save the world’s leader the Childlike Empress from this fate.

Iain Canning, a producer from See-Saw Films, told Variety: “The story is both timely and timeless, and really has an opportunity to be told in a fresh way.

“And part of the specialness of the book is that you can go back to it at different ages in your life and find different levels of meaning.

“So how wonderful that we have this opportunity to do a fresh perspective that will have new layers and meanings.”

“We just believe that every generation deserves their own journey into Fantastica,” he added.

People have responded to news of the new adaptations online, with many keen to share their thoughts on the beloved tale.

“Even though I loved the original as a kid I’m all for the remake as long as it keeps the original music,” one person wrote. “Kids now won’t like watching the older films, my parents traumatised me trying to put on John Wayne cowboy films.”

Another said: “I truly from the bottom of my heart hope they don’t butcher this. Being a 1990 baby, this is and will forever be my favourite movie series of all time.”

While a third put: “Please don’t disappoint us with this remake! Loved Neverending story! This is my childhood favourite movie!”

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