The Mountain looks absolutely massive in his latest movie role 3 years ago

The Mountain looks absolutely massive in his latest movie role

You really wouldn't want to fight The Mountain.

He's 6ft 9in tall, weighs 400lbs and can crush a watermelon with his bare hands.

If you caught the Icelandic giant in bed with your missus, you'd tuck him in and wish him goodnight.

But it seems his scary-as-fuck rep he earned playing the murderous monolith of a man Gregor Clegane in Game of Thrones has landed him a new film role.

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Who wants to fight?

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It's certainly not playing a soft-hearted, loveable boy-next-door in the latest rom com with Jennifer Aniston.

Nope. He has landed a role in the Kickboxer Retaliation film alongside the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme, WWE star Dave Bautista and former world champion heavyweight Mike Tyson.

The two-time Europe's Strongest Man was pictured looking terrifying and generally fucking enormous in a behind-the-scenes shot on set with kickboxing legend Alain Moussi.

Real name Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, The Mountain is no stranger to combat. He famously sparred with UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor before his historic victory over Jose Aldo.

The champion strongman was also filmed sparring with a boxer leading to some rumours that he might be making the switch to the UFC. He absolutely batters him.

The Kickboxer Retaliation is a follow up to the 2016 film Kickboxer Vengeance. The story follows kickboxer Kurt Sloan (played by Moussi) who is fitted up with a crime and illegally extradited back to Thailand by US marshals after a big sports arena fight.

After waking up in Bangkok jail and told he must fight new formidable foe named Mongkut (played by Bjornsson), who is a beast of a man, standing at 6ft 9in and weighing in around 400 lbs of solid muscle.

He is offered $2m to fight him or face life in jail.

We think we'd probably just take our chances with the life sentence over fighting that behemoth to be honest.