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26th Apr 2018

The Chuckle Brothers are back with a brand new show

The boys are back in town (the boys are back town)

Kyle Picknell

30 years after Chucklevision, they’re back…

So this is happening. Barry and Paul Chuckle, collectively known as The Chuckle Brothers, are returning to television in the form of a brand spanking new show in what looks set to be a cross between You’ve Been Framed and the infamous, notorious Chucklevision, which hasn’t graced our screens since 2009.

The show will be airing on Channel 5 and combine classic Chuckle Brothers humour, such as passing things to one another and saying things like “to me” and also passing them back and saying “to you”, along with funny internet clips.

Memes, basically. The Chuckle Brother are about to delve into the big, bad world of the internet meme. Something tells me they might actually be suited to it.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Channel 5 explained: “The Chuckle Brothers have spent their lives falling over and making us laugh, and now they are watching us makes fools of ourselves as the public and audience upload fails, flops and funnies onto the internet”.

Oh, such a cruel, cruel twist of fate. How the tables of destiny do turn. It is us mere mortals who are now the subject of the chuckling, the relentless chuckling, rather than they who doth chuckle.

The series is going to run for 12 episodes (do they have enough material for 12 episodes!?) and they will be an hour long (an hour long! 12 hours of Chuckle! Seriously, do they have the material?).

Chucklevision did run for a monumental 21 series, so there is hope for the Rotherham duo yet.