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11th Aug 2018

Rotherham fans chant “To me, to you” in tribute to Barry Chuckle

Barry Chuckle would have loved this.

Kyle Picknell

Football chants… good, aren’t they?

Rotherham United gave Barry Chuckle the perfect tribute this afternoon after they started a “To me, to you” chant along with the visiting Ipswich Town supporters.

Before the match, Millers fan and life president Barry Chuckle and former chairman Syd Wood were given a one-minute long standing applause from both sets of fans.

As you can see, his brother filmed the applause from the stands, but things got even better once the game reached the 73rd minute…

Both Barry and his younger brother Paul were born in Rotherham and were well-known to be huge supporters of the club. They were made honorary life presidents in 2007 and Barry lived in the south Yorkshire town up until his death on Friday.

It appears the heartwarming chant of “To me, to you” was organised by the clubs’ fans before the game, and fair play to the Ipswich support, they ensured the call and response chant was carried out to full effect.

It hasn’t been the only tribute for the late comedian after the BBC released the final series of Chucklevision on the free-to-watch platform iPlayer.

Modern football, ey. Not all bad is it?