The Boys viewers left shaken after fatal penis scene in new season 2 months ago

The Boys viewers left shaken after fatal penis scene in new season

Who doesn't love a cheeky penis explosion?

Superhero show The Boys has once again stunned viewers after a particularly explicit scene involving a shrinking man, drugs and a penis.


After the enormous monster penis last season, the third instalment of Amazon Prime's hit show had a lot to live up to - and just 10 minutes into the season, viewers were once again reminded why the show continues to go viral.

Warning: mild spoilers ahead


In the show's opening episode, audiences are introduced to Termite, played by Brett Geddes, who can shrink himself to tiny sizes while retaining his strength. After being whisked away from a film premiere by a fan, Termite wastes no time getting busy, doing what he does best.

"I want you inside me," asked the fan with a fetish for tiny men - leading many to think that they were going to have sex.

If only.

Instead, Termite shrinks himself down and then climbs inside the man's penis to work his way towards the prostate. If you thought the weird ended there, you'd be sorely mistaken.


Upon squeezing the man's prostate, he explodes, leaving a tiny Termite covered in blood and evading anti-heroes Frenchie (Tomer Kapon) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) as they walk into the mess.

Once they manage to catch him, Termite is stored in a small bag of cocaine.


Fans still can't get over the moment, with one stating: "the boys s3 ep1 termite scene got to be the craziest thing ive ever seen in any show."

"The first 15 minutes of The Boys season 3 is insane!! Like how did they get away with the Termite scene lmao," another wrote.

Even the show's official Twitter is in on the joke, having responded to a fan's genius idea.


"#TheBoys just proved that all The Avengers really needed to defeat Thanos was a strategically placed Ant-Man," they wrote, suggesting that Ant-Man also shrink himself to enter Thanos' manhood.

In response, The Boys twitter account replied: "In another multiverse, Termite prevents the snap."

Speaking to Metro about the controversial scene, show visionary Eric Kripke said: "Originally it just evolved in the writer's room.

"And so then it became, 'Well, he should call up his butt and explode him.' But then someone said, 'Isn't that a little too similar to what we did to Translucent'?" he explained. "It's so funny when like someone pitches an ass explosion and the other person was like, 'done that'.

"So then someone said, "Well, then it means he has to he has to crawl up his penis'."

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