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28th Aug 2017

The answer to that important question about Tormund after the epic Game of Thrones finale

Paul Moore

We’re all asking it.

You know what’s coming. The dead…nah, it’s spoilers.

How did a mad fucker like you live this long? Last week, The Hound was wondering about the answer to that particular question and right now, every single Game of Thrones fan is wondering the exact same thing.

In a strictly visual sense, the Night King’s attack on the Wall was absolutely breathtaking as Viserion absolutely obliterated the shield that guards the realms of men.

Given that Tormund and Dollorus Edd were stationed at Eastwatch, Jon’s allies were in the eye of the storm as the leader of the White Walkers plunged Westeros into absolute anarchy.

Tormund has always been a fan favourite and his budding relationship with Brienne has only seen this increase, but will he survive that devastating attack?

If you rewatch the scene, both Tormund and Beric are away from the edge of the part where the Wall collapses. So it’s very they likely that both men have survived.

In the first image, we see where Viserion’s blast stops. In the next image, you could see a section of the Wall that’s still standing with small structures on top.

It’s also worth noting that Game of Thrones has a history of refusing to kill significant characters off  camera without providing an explanation or a fitting send-off.

For further proof, EW journalist James Hibberd has the very cool – and rather morbid accolade- of being the first man to interview any of the characters on the show that are killed off.

As Entertainment Weekly’s designated Game of Thrones correspondent, he has access to the cast before anyone else does. Take a look at some of his interviews below.

Unlike the other deaths in the series, it’s noticeable that Hibberd  didn’t get to speak with Kristofer Hivju  (Tormund) after the season finale.

All things considered, hope springs eternal that Tormund will still get to have those ‘great big monsters” that could  take over the world.

Take another look at that final scene. Absolutely breathtaking.