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13th Jan 2023

Woman who married her duvet says it’s the ‘most intimate’ relationship of her life

Steve Hopkins

With the cost of heating at the moment, who could blame her?

A woman has opened up about her marriage to a single – well, formerly, single – duvet.

Pascale Sellick appeared on This Morning this week and told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield all about her romance that seldom leaves the bedroom.

The artist held an ‘open wedding ceremony’ on Valentine’s Day in 2019 and invited members of the public, her family and her boyfriend to witness the unique occasion.

Pascale told the programme it was “love at first sight”, explaining how she had other duvets before, “but I’m always loyal to this one, it gives me warmth and comfort”.

She continued: “It’s always there for me in time of sadness and happiness. It’s definitely not sexual, it’s just like a friendship.”

Pascale said her boyfriend, Jonny, completely understands her relationship with the blanket, which, during a cost of living crisis, doesn’t, in fact, seem that odd.

“Jonny, my boyfriend, understands I’m marrying the duvet for art and to come across a message, we have a really loving relationship,” she said.

Jonny, Pascale explained, isn’t the jealous type and is “very proud of me”.

“My duvet is a single at the moment, when I get married, it will get a double.”

After confused looks by Phillip and Holly, Pascale explained the relationship with her duvet is more of “a close friendship”.

The wedding, rather than being the coming together of two people very much in love, was rather, an art project highlighting loneliness.

Pascale explained: “It’s kind of a message around Valentine’s people can feel sometimes a little bit lonely, so it’s like actually you know what, take some time for self-worth, self-care and have some time under your duvet and marry your bedding. Why not?

“Everybody loves their duvet!”

According to Devon Live, Pascale’s service was followed by a wedding reception at Glorious Art House in Fore Street, where the beaming bridge cuddled her duvet during their ‘first dance’. It was to Dido’s ‘Thank You’, which was performed by a local band.

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