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18th Sep 2023

Study finds most women find it a ‘turn off’ if partner listens to Joe Rogan podcast

Steve Hopkins

Men were less inclined to be put off by the podcast

Women are reportedly “turned off” by potential partners if they listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast, a study has found.

Despite the former TV presenter and comedian’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, being one of the most popular in the UK and US (it has almost 15m subscribers and 11m people listen to each episode) people recently spoken to by Change Research found it a walking “red flag.”

Change conducted a study analysing the political leanings, dating preferences and more for a pool of 1,033 people.Those surveyed were all between the ages of 18 and 34 and were quizzed on whether they considered various behaviours to be a green, beige or red flag in a partner.

Fifty three per cent of women said that their partner refusing to see Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie was a turn-off, while 64 per cent of men said that “identifying as a communist” would be an instant red flag.

Women also took issue with Rogan, with 55 per cent saying that listening to his podcast was a turn-off. Only 35 per cent of men agreed.

According to UnHerd, 72 per cent of Rogan’s fans are men, 46 per cent are aged 18-34 and the majority are white (64 per cent).

Rogan is often on the controversial side of popular opinion.

During the covid pandemic he was accused of spreading false claims about the virus, vaccines and treatments which led to a campaign to have him cancelled. That unearthed multiple examples of him using the N-word during podcasts, for which he later apologised.

But, last month, Rogan made headlines when he came to the defence of the Barbie movie, when other right-leaning commentators were setting dolls on fire.

Rogan defended the record-breaking movie against critics calling it “woke” during and interview with Post Malone, saying that he found the fact that are lot of “people are upset” perplexing.

“But a lot of it is about the patriarchy, and it’s a comedy, it’s a comedy about dolls. People are upset that it’s this progressive metaphor for life that they’re pushing progressive politics in this, and I’m like, ‘It’s a f**king doll movie!’

“It’s a doll movie. It’s a fun movie about dolls who come to life and try to interact with the real world.”

Rogan lauded the Margot Robbie and Rylan Gosling movie saying, “no one’s ever done a movie like this before.”

“It was a bizarre movie, but it was a fun, silly movie, I laughed,” Rogan admitted.

“But at the end of it I was like, ‘How did people get outraged at that?’ I know some people personally who said it’s anti-men. I’m like, ‘No, it’s making fun of dorks.’”

Speaking directly to criticism that the movie was too woke, Rogan added: “They (critics) think it’s a super woke movie. But it’s also a movie about how Barbies are the dolls that everyone cares about, and Ken is just a f**king accessory, which is real.

“So when you bring these things into a movie, you make them real life Barbieland, that’s how they have to be, because that’s how it is in the real world.”

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