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05th Apr 2022

Squid Game creator working on new project that will be ‘more violent’

Stephen Porzio

Squid Game creator's next project 'more violent'

Based on the current working title, it sounds controversial

Having created Netflix’s biggest ever series with Squid Game, filmmaker Hwang Dong-hyuk is working on a new movie that he says will be even “more violent” than his seminal streaming series.

Dong-hyuk’s next project is reportedly a film with the working title “K.O. Club” which is apparently short for Killing Old People Club, Variety reports.

Inspired by a novel by legendary Italian writer Umberto Eco (In the Name of the Rose), the filmaker confirmed he has penned a 25-page treatment for the movie which he said would be surely “controversial”.

Hwang Dong-hyuk confirms new project

Dong-hyuk added that he may have to hide from the elderly after its released, teasing: “It will be more violent than ‘Squid Game”. However, those worried that K.O. Club may interfere with the now much-anticipated second season of Squid Game, fear not.

According to Variety, Dong-hyuk said he is returning to South Korea to write a second series of the show that he hopes will be released on Netflix by the end of 2024. After the global success of the first, the 50-year-old filmmaker said he was left with “no choice” other choice but to make another series.

Dong-hyuk wrote and directed all nine episodes of Squid Game season one which premiered in September 2021 with little buzz before its release. It went on to become a cultural phenomenon, not only drawing attention to other Korean TV and cinema but even sparking recreations on YouTube and real-life interactive experiences — without the actual death part, of course.

Thanks to its inventive and instantly iconic imagery and set-pieces, as well as its emotional weight and timely themes, it became a surprise smash hit with both audiences and critics. As for the next, “more violent” project, we really don’t know if we’re ready

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