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25th Jul 2018

Sons of Anarchy creator reveals details about the prequel that’s all about Jax’s father

Paul Moore

The Sons of Anarchy story will continue. Hell yeah!

With Mayans MC about to rev up its engines, you would be forgiven for thinking that Kurt Sutter is putting all of his focus on the story of EZ and the Latino motorcycle club.

This being said, as previously stated, Sutter has always envisioned the Sons of Anarchy story being told in four chapters and he has revealed new details about the prequel show that will revolve around Jax’s father.

During an old interview with Tom Arnold, Sutter said that Mayans MC represents chapter two in the saga and if that show is a success, we could be seeing the story of Jax’s family continuing with a potential prequel and sequel.

“I have a sense of ‘Sons’ being four chapters. If ‘Sons’ was the first chapter then I see the Mayans as the second chapter. It’s present day, it’s after the death of Jax Teller,” Sutter said when talking about the new show.

Well, Sutter has elaborated on what fans can expect from Jax Teller’s father – one of the founding members of the motorcycle club after returning from Vietnam.

In an interview with Deadline,  Sutter said that he envisions the series consisting of ten episodes and that Mayans MC will set up some of the events that will unfold in the prequel show.

“Yeah. One of the cool things about [Mayans] is we do something we never did on Sons. We never had a flashback on Sons, because I felt like it pulled you out of the world. But because of who EZ is, and the way his brain works, it’s organic to this show. Callbacks will set up that prequel you mention. I’ve talked to John about it and it’ll be a couple seasons in before we try to do it, but that will be the third chapter, but it will only be like 10 episodes. I don’t see it as a series that goes longer. It’ll start in Vietnam, and it’ll be about the formation of the club and then stop after the last member of the original nine joins. That was Clay. That way we don’t begin to infringe on the story we based that on in Sons.”

Sutter also revealed that the prequel season will tie in with Jax’s arc and even continue it.

“And if I’m still alive when Mayans is over, I do have a thought and it’ll maybe be one of the things we lay track to. Jax didn’t destroy all those copies of John Teller’s manuscript, and at some point maybe down the line we have Drea’s character still out there with the boys, we have Jimmy Smit’s character still out there. At some point perhaps there’ll be a brother story with Able and Thomas, coming back to Charming. Where it all began. If I’m still alive, that might be the last chapter.”

This statement supports a previous interview that Sutter gave where he outlined his vision for the Sons of Anarchy universe and timeline.

“I think at some point we’ll find a way to shine a little light on perhaps on John Teller’s manuscript, if the Mayans, if we’re lucky enough to continue and then what I would do is not directly but I would use that as a potential launching point to do the prequel. The First 9 — it would begin in Vietnam with John Teller and Piney Winston and it would be about them coming back to America and ideally to do each episode have a new member join but end it at the end of that so that maybe at that point Gemma’s there but it’s before Jax is born. I don’t want to step on the mythology that we know but we kind of lay track to the beginning and then stop,” he said.

Mayans MC premieres on September 4 on FX and it’s expected to arrive in the UK shortly after. We can’t wait.