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06th Mar 2023

Snoop Dogg parties with Ed Sheeran and Russell Crowe in Melbourne

Sheeran and Crowe were gifted Death Row Records chains

They seem like an unlikely trio – Snoop Dogg, Ed Sheeran and Russell Crowe.

But the rapper, singer and actor were pictured hanging out together on Saturday night.

Sheeran, 32, and Crowe, 58, caught up with Snoop, 51, backstage at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne after the rapper performed there, and the trio partied together along with crew members.

Snoop, who is a cannabis connoisseur, was pictured sitting in-between the two stars. A glass of green buds was on the table in front of him along with a series of burned out rolled cigarettes.

An Instagram video of the encounter shows Snoop puffing on a recently-rolled cigarette while he chats to the pair and jokes to Sheeran he will be “smoking all your weed”.

The clip also appears to show Snoop gifting both Ed and Russel a chunky logo chain from his Death Row Records jewellery line, which is worth £5,300. Snoop has made a habit of gifting celebrities this chain when he meets them, having recently given one to Jamie Foxx, MailOnline reported.

There is no suggested Crowe and Sheeran were blazing with Snoop.

In October, Snoop’s professional ‘joint roller’ revealed the star smokes up to 150 blunts a day.

Snoop has employed the roller, known as Renegade, since  2016.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show she claimed she had rolled more than 450,000 joints for Snoop during that time.

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