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12th Feb 2019

Richard Madeley produces more TV gold as he interviews naked Brexit protester

Simon Lloyd

“It’s beautifully written in capitals. Who wrote it?”

Richard Madeley is a national treasure. Let’s make that clear from the very start.

With this in mind, it’s understandable that there’s been a great deal of excitement that he’s stepped in for Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain once again this week.

Only last year, his appearances on the ITV show saw his name soaring high in the Twitter trending tables on multiple occasions – be it for his memorable (and presumably unintentional) Alan Partridge-esque segment on the dangers of quicksand or his anecdotal tale of the time Noel and Liam Gallagher burgled his house (no, really).

On Tuesday morning, the 62-year-old produced another moment of breakfast-time TV gold as he interviewed a naked Brexit protester.

Dr Victoria Bateman, a Cambridge University professor, appeared on GMB without a single item of clothing and the phrase “Brexit leaves Britain naked” painted on her torso, which was pixelated for viewers at home.

Having already joked that the show didn’t know where to attach Dr Bateman’s microphone, Madeley set about explaining to the viewers what the message said…

Though this appeared to be the highlight for many of those watching, Madeley later joking that the professor’s arguments “were a bit threadbare” also appeared to go down well.

What a man.

Needless to say, many watching at home were delighted – some even calling for Madeley to replace Morgan on a permanent basis.