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30th Jun 2022

Radio station plays ‘Killing in the Name’ non-stop from 6am after multiple staff get fired

Danny Jones

Radio station playing Killing in the Name non-stop after lay-offs

The track has been playing for almost 24 hours straight – and counting

A radio station in Vancouver, Canada, has been playing “Killing the Name” by Rage Against the Machine non-stop after a number of staff were fired. The first spin started at 6am on Wednesday morning and the protest track has been on repeat ever since.

According to the local outlet Vancouver Sun, the iconic Rage song has been the only music heard on KiSS Radio since early Wednesday and although the remaining DJs paused multiple times to take on-air requests, they quickly ignored all of them and hit resume on “Killing in the Name”.

The stunt comes a day after popular morning hosts Kevin Lim and Sonia Sidhu announced they would be leaving the station after more than five years.

Afternoon host Tara Jean Stevens also informed listeners that she will be moving on to a new opportunity soon and inside sources seem to suggest that a number of employees have been let go as well. Meanwhile, new staff members have already been spotted around the control room at the station’s offices.

The 1992 anti-establishment rock classic often finds its way back when people are looking to protest – the immediate example being its spot as Christmas no.1 in 2009 when people got fed up of The X Factor winners every year – and this case is no different.

Safe to say, lots of people have been reacting to the stunt on social media and praising their “brave” colleagues still working at the station for sending a message.

Even the band’s lead guitarist Tom Morello caught wind of the news.

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