Producer/rapper Black Milk shares his Top 5 Detroit artists 2 years ago

Producer/rapper Black Milk shares his Top 5 Detroit artists

Detroit is more than just the Motor City

It's also a breeding ground for some of the most talented artists in the history of music.

Of course known for being the birthplace of Motown, which gave us Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5 and many others, it's also home to some of the greatest rappers and producers to ever touch a mic or pick up an MPC.

One of those producers is Black Milk.

Much more than a producer, Black Milk (real name Curtis Cross) is a rapper, songwriter and director. A disciple of the J Dilla era, it's fair to say that he's someone always thinking outside of the box. He's someone who isn't happy doing the same thing, he's a fan of evolving as an artist and he's not afraid to experiment in order to grow.

Going from producer to rapper to director, he's now able to combine these different disciplines all in the name of music.

Fresh off of releasing his sixth studio album, FEVER is Black Milk's mind-melting fusion of funk, soul, rock, electronic and Hip Hop that fans from all walks of life will enjoy diving into, no matter their core musical tastes.

We asked the Detroit native to break down his home city's Top 5 artists. Here's what he told us:

J Dilla

"Dilla has had the most impact on me as a producer. He hasn’t only influenced me but the sound of music, period, from rap to jazz to neo-soul and beyond. Every year it seems like a new sphere of artists discover his works and are changed by them. Even people who play instruments try to emulate his style, which is crazy."

Royce Da 5’9”

"Royce has always been one of my favorite rappers. Even though he’s been rapping for a minute, he still comes with some of the most impressive bars. Not too many can compete."

Danny Brown

"Danny is one of the most unique voices in rap. He respects the craft, puts his all into his albums and makes the music he wants to make regardless of what’s trendy."


"Em is easily in my Top 5 lyricists of all time. I was always amazed by what he could do with words and patterns. He’s also one of the most complete MCs for his ability to be a great songwriter, battle rapper, freestyler, storyteller, etc. He has done everything at a high level at different points of his career."

Slum Village

"I probably wouldn’t be making music if my cousin hadn’t put me up on Slum and Dilla early on. Something about their sound grabbed me like nothing else I had heard up to that point in my early teenage years. They’re easily one of my top 5 groups of all time.

Black Milk's FEVER is out now and can be streamed/purchased here.