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23rd Mar 2015

Pretty Woman is 25: Five more chick flicks every guy should own

Don't watch Marley and Me with a hangover. You were warned...


As the best movie that has Julia Roberts playing a hooker in it turns 25, we present a list of five chick flicks it’s totally OK to have in your film collection. Honest.

Marley and Me

Please, please, please don’t watch this film if you have a killer hangover. This uplifting tale of a dog and its owner is not for those in a fragile state. It has broken me more times than I care to remember *sobs*.

My Girl

Oh god. This is too much. This beautiful tale of friendship, romance and bee-based tragedy is an emotional rollercoaster. Still, a great one to watch if the missus is out, Xbox Live is down and there’s no sport on TV.

Dirty Dancing

Me and my best mate Andy Ro spent 18 hours on a bus to Spain watching this on loop during a school trip aged 15, and it has stuck with me ever since. Also, Patrick Swayze was the man. His turn as Johnny is one of finest performances in cinema history. “Nobody puts baby in the corner.”

Silver Linings Playbook

This is so good, you don’t even realise this offbeat film about a rehabilitated psychiatric patient is a romance until you find yourself in tears, inhaling Ben & Jerry’s and drowning in schmaltz. A mint movie, frankly.

silver linings playbook animated GIF

The Devil Wears Prada

Let’s face facts: TDWP is the reason most of us in the office got into journalism in the first place.

Seriously though; who doesn’t secretly yearn for the Sith-like power of Anna Wintour, the real Vogue editor this great film was sort-of based on?

Fav The Adventures Of Lynne And Marissa animated GIF

It’s got killer heels, a kind of name-check by Kanye West, outrageous camp acting, and a feel-good, girl-done-good storyline starring Anne Hathaway. AKA: An awesome duvet-day movie.

Go now: Find these little nuggets of cinematic wonder on Netflix or get yourself down to HMV. You know we are talking sense.

Marley and Me is the best, though: