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18th Nov 2021

Phil and Josie lose it at world’s biggest penis on This Morning

George McKay

We all know why you’re here…

Now we all know This Morning can be known for some cheeky innuendo and risque content, but this takes the biscuit.

Phil and Josie absolutely lost their minds on today’s episode of This Morning, when they had a d*ck pic shoved in their faces by a guest who claims to own the world’s biggest phallus.

And, it’s safe to say, judging by the hosts’ reactions, he absolutely isn’t lying.

Phil can barely look it straight on, and gasps ‘hell fire!’

Josie can barely contain her shock at the pic, staring aghast for quite some time before she regains her composure.

Phil then breathily congratulates guest Jonah Falcon on his manhood.

Jonah has claimed for some time that he owns the world’s largest penis, which reportedly comes in (ahem) at 13.5 inches when fully erect.

While many men out there might sit there and dream of life with such a blessing, Jonah has been quite vocal about the downsides to life with such a large penis.

Asked what the worst part about having a big penis is, he told Men’s Health: “Preconceptions. For some reason, having 13-plus inches means I’m a bad person, or I’m egotistic, or I’m a porn star, or I’m dumb, or I’m a slut.”

“Also, I’m sick and tired of having people wanting me to measure it in front of them. I’ve done it 10,000 times – enough already!”

But he does claim he can avoid the trappings of toxic masculinity of men with smaller appendages.

He said: “I don’t need a fancy car, I don’t need a gun, I happily wear a mask, and so on, because I don’t have to prove my masculinity to anyone else. I’ll wear all pink, dammit!”

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