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30th Aug 2021

People demand dragon on Welsh flag be given a penis

George McKay

An official petition on the Welsh Government website is calling for a change to the Welsh flag

Who had this on their 2021 bingo card? A petition has been started on the Welsh Government website to give the dragon on the Welsh flag some more ‘visible’ private parts.

The petition, titled ‘Demand that all depictions of our dragon have a penis’, is currently sitting pretty at over 400 signatures.

Supporters of the movement note that the dragon which is featured on the Royal Mint’s Welsh coins have a penis on them.

These changes were added to the £1 and £20 coins by coin artists at the Royal Mint based in Llantrisant, near Cardiff.

Supporters are keen to see the change made, and as the petition has reached the threshold of 50 signatures, the motion must be discussed by the official Petitions Commitee.

The petition reads: “When the Royal Mint depict our dragon, they recognise that he has a penis.

“But for some reason, our government does not, and although some may find the topic amusing, this imagery is important if we are to carry on flying it for centuries to come.”

The petition was created by Rhŷn Williams, who has done extensive research on ancient depictions of the Welsh dragon.

He even theorises that the removal of the Welsh dragon’s penis may be down to political posturing and the emasculation of the Welsh nation within the British kingdom.

The petition would now need to reach 10,000 signatures to trigger a full debate in the Welsh Asesembly.

However, even if the petition were to reach that level, it could be shot down by the Petitions Committee on grounds of the petition being deemed a ‘joke, an advert, or nonsense’.