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23rd Aug 2022

People are losing it as Nicole Kidman reveals madly ripped body and massive biceps for magazine cover

Danny Jones

Nicole Kidman cover shoot incredible shape

Turns out, she’s absolutely shredded

People can’t get over the incredible shape actor Nicole Kidman is in following her latest cover shoot.

The 55-year-old actor was selected as the featured cover star for the third issue of Perfect Magazine as part of the collection called “MOTHERNISM” and, as you can see, people are rather stunned by how physically fit she still looks.

While some people said she “COMPLETELY DEVOURED THIS”, going so far as to label the shoot an inspiration for the younger generation, others simply opted to declare her a “legend” and a “goddess”.

The Australian actor has always been in shape but most have never seen her in this way as she looks more like someone in training for a big Marvel blockbuster like Natalie Portman did for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Shot by popular Malaysian-Chinese photographer Zhong Lin, this is Kidman’s second cover in 2022 and though it’s fair to say her last outing may not have gone as smoothly.

Posing for Vanity Fair back in February, the Bombshell star was accused of being airbrushed to look younger and many criticised the outlet itself for “infantilising” her, with the outfit of choice compared to a schoolgirls uniform.

Nevertheless, the tone and definition on show her seems to be genuine and we can only be impressed. Ok, brb, we’re just off to the gym…

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