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06th Oct 2023

Netflix viewers spot huge flaw with David and Victoria Beckham’s claims about how they first met

Charlie Herbert

Netflix viewers spot huge flaw with David and Victoria Beckham's first meeting claims

‘Heads must roll for this catastrophic continuity error!’

Viewers of Netflix’s new David Beckham documentary have noticed a mistake just minutes into the first episode of the series.

The four-part doc, which is imaginatively called ‘Beckham‘, arrived on Netflix earlier this week. Directed by Academy Award–winning director Fisher Stevens, the series gives viewers never-before-seen insights into the former footballer and his life.

It includes contributions from his family, friends, teammates, and looks at the life of one of the most famous British sportsmen ever.

The series features plenty of contribution from Beckham’s wife Victoria, and spends a lot of time looking at the early days of their relationship and how they became one of the most recognisable celebrity couples in the world.

But viewers noticed an editorial blunder involving the pair in the first episode.

The documentary shows footage of Victoria watching her future husband play for Manchester United. The Spice Girl is seen on the pitch at Old Trafford in Manchester, but when the documentary shows Beckham scoring, it’s actually from a match in London at Stamford Bridge several weeks later.

Viewers see Beckham warming up as he discusses the game with the documentary makers and talks about the moment he knew Victoria was watching on.

Victoria then jokes to the camera: “The fact I went to the games… some would say stalk him, I would say support him. I just fancied him.”

The continuity error didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

One wrote: “The Beckham mini-series has a bit talking about Victoria watching David at Old Trafford before showing a goal he quite clearly scores at Stamford Bridge and I for one am livid. Heads must roll for this catastrophic continuity error!”

The documentary showed footage of Victoria at Old Trafford to watch David, before then showing him score a goal in London at a different stadium (Netflix)

Another said: “Old Trafford, that’s Chelsea is Becks a time traveller?”

Someone else said: “Victoria says she watches David play at Old Trafford, he clearly scores a goal at Stamford Bridge. I mean, what are we to believe, that golden balls has a magic teleportation device. Ha ha, boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.”

David and Victoria met at the football match in 1997 and married two years later. This year, they celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.

‘Beckham’ looks at all of the former footballer’s life and career, from his breakthrough at Manchester United, his time as public enemy number one following his red card at the 1998 World Cup, all the way through to his moves to LA Galaxy and PSG and his life after football.

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