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23rd Nov 2023

Machine Gun Kelly is changing his stage name

Charlie Herbert

machine gun kelly name change

He’s seemingly confirmed the name change on social media

Machine Gun Kelly might be about to change his stage name following calls from fans.

MGK is probably one of the most recognisable (and polarising) artists around, thanks to his music, relationship with Megan Fox and unique stage name.

But it sounds like he’s considering a name change following suggestions from fans that his name glorifies weapons.

During a recent concert, the rapper noticed a sign which read “change your name.”

When the 33-year-old asked what they meant by the sign, the fans explained: “We want you to change your name. We want you to take out the ‘Machine Gun’ so we don’t glorify machine guns.

“Just take out the ‘Machine Gun’.”

MGK then asked the crowd what they thought of the idea, and it seemed to get the support of most as the arena started chanting ‘change your name.’

Fans chanted ‘change your name’ at the music artist during a recent gig (X/chadandjt)

The most straightforward solution here would be to do exactly that – remove the Machine Gun and just go by Kelly.

But, let’s be honest, Kelly doesn’t sound like a great stage name.

MGK seems to think the same way, and has therefore come up with a different solution.

Instead of removing the first two words of his name, he’s removing the last two words and going by ‘Machine.’

It looks like he’s already enacted the name change as well. During an appearance at the GQ Man of the Year event, he asked reporters to simply call him Machine.

He said: “I have a question, instead of ‘Machine Gun’ can you just hit me with the ‘Machine’ from now on?”

He later shared posts on X and Instagram which he captioned: “Machine.”

So, there you have it. It looks like we’re in the era of Machine.

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