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22nd Mar 2022

Mystery ‘lipstick bandit’ woman faces backlash for kissing unsuspecting guys in bar for prank

April Curtin

The partygoer’s actions left TikTokers completely divided

A woman labelled the ‘lipstick bandit’ who went around a bar planting kisses on unsuspecting men’s shirts has received some serious backlash online.

The partygoer was out at an Irish bar in Sydney over the weekend and enjoying the St Patrick’s Day celebrations when the incident took place, Mail Online reports.

In a TikTok video filmed by her friend, the woman in question can be seen applying red lipstick before kissing the back of multiple men – staining their white tops with red lip marks while each bloke remains blissfully unaware that they have been left with some pretty suspect-looking marks on their clothes.

Watch the full clip below:

@davelewis72 #lipstickbandit ♬ original sound – Dave Lewis

The video shows the woman bursting out laughing after smearing a smooch onto each unsuspecting man – however she has since been called out for her mischievous dance floor moves.

“So her potentially wrecking a relationship is funny,” one asked.

“Yeah not cool…poor blokes,” another added.

‘She’s kissing them without consent,” one person commented, “also she’s ruining their shirts.”

On the contrary, a number of others did rush to defend the puckered-up partier.

“Oh come off it, it’s hilarious!! I’d see her and give her a high five,” one said.

“If a kiss stain on a man’s back purely ruined a relationship then I think he got out of a shitty relationship then,” another said, “Ain’t no trust there.”

Meanwhile others questioned what the online reaction might have been if a man was seen doing the same act.

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