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02nd Aug 2022

Lioness Chloe Kelly’s face says it all after Richard Madeley calls her Coco in ‘sexist’ exchange

Kieran Galpin

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Another addition to Madeley’s many car crash interview moments

Good Morning Britain‘s Richard Madeley has been branded “sexist” after allegedly “infantilising” Lioness Chloe Kelly by calling her “Coco” because that’s what he calls his daughter.

Off the back of their stellar victory in the 2022 Euros, beating out Germany for the top spot, 24-year-old Kelly appeared on GMB to discuss their journey. While speaking to Madeley and co-host Kate Garraway on Tuesday morning, Kelly revealed that she took her shirt off because a “male footballer would be doing exactly the same.”

The interview seemed fairly normal by Madeley’s standards until it finished up and he managed to squeeze in a final cringe-worthy comment.

He said: “Chloe – or ‘Coco’ as I call my daughter Chloe – Coco, thank you very much indeed for coming in.”

Many viewers were left confused by the random tidbit, with others questioning why: “He’d infantilise one of the Lions in this manner.”

On Twitter, one disgruntled footie fan wrote: “Richard Madeley you don’t interview someone then end with calling them your daughters Chloe kelly some respect, she’s more than earned it.”

“Richard Madeley is the drunk uncle at weddings who thinks he’s great but everyone thinks he’s a t**t,” another added.

A third said: “Richard Madeley is such a weird f*****g person, calling Chloe Kelly’ Coco’ on national TV with the reasoning of ‘that’s what I call my daughter.

“So f*****g what? Chloe Kelly isn’t your daughter. Delusional, almost like he’s trying to be apart of her moment. F*****g creepy.”

Madeley was not the only man to come under fire following the Women’s victory on Sunday, with Gary Lineker also putting his foot in it.

“The Lionesses have only gone and done it and Kelly is England’s heroine, bra none,” the 61-year-old pundit wrote in a since-deleted Tweet.

Lineker was rightfully slammed online, with many branding his words “sexist” and accusing him of opening the misogynistic flood gates. One such person was domestic abuse campaigner Karen Ingala Smith who called for an apology.

Lineker seemingly missed the point and wrote: “It was just a play on words given the celebration. I do rubbish like that constantly on here, including on men’s football. I’ve deleted it as many people didnt see the game so missed the context.”

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