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22nd Sep 2022

Liam Gallagher and Stone Roses’ John Squire in supergroup talks, singer confirms

Charlie Herbert

Liam Gallagher and Stone Roses' John Squire in supergroup talks singer confirms

‘If he’s got any tunes that need singing, I’m the boy’

Liam Gallagher has confirmed he is in talks with John Squire about joining forces as a supergroup.

The former Oasis front man first floated the idea of linking up with Squire when he brought the former Stone Roses guitarist out for his two Knebworth shows in June. Squire joined him on stage for to perform the 1995 Oasis classic ‘Champagne Supernova.’

One of Gallagher’s tweets around the time of the shows read: “Super group incoming.”

Now, the singer has confirmed the pair are planning something together.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1, Gallagher said he will “definitely” be working with Squire.

When Wilkinson asked the singer for an update on whether a linkup between the two would be happening, Gallagher replied: “Yeah. Serious, man. But we’ve got things to do first, and he’s got things to clear up and that. But yeah, I’m definitely going to do summat [sic] at some point.”

Wilkinson added: “So you’ve actually had the conversation a little bit?” to which Gallagher replied: “Maybe, yeah. Probably did that at Knebworth and that, I think, if I can remember anything about it.

“But, no. There’s talk about summat [sic]. Maybe. But no rush. He’s my man, I love him. So if he’s got any tunes that need singing, I’m the boy, mate.”

In the same interview, Gallagher, who turned 50 on Wednesday, revealed that he usually drinks “half a bottle of brandy” before he goes on stage to perform his solo shows.

The singer said that in recent months he has been adding some honey and hot water to the brandy though to look after his voice.

“It’s half a bottle of brandy before I go on,” Gallagher said. “I have kind of backed it off now. But the last year I’ve been walloping the brandy with honey and hot water, and going on a little bit.

“I’ve been getting a bit battered on stage recently. Not battered as much but just… I wouldn’t say nerves but I think as you get older, you do get a little bit more… you’re not as cocksure.”

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