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14th Dec 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘had a problem’ with Meryl Streep’s nude scene in Don’t Look Up

Danny Jones

DiCaprio had a 'problem' with Meryl Streep's nude scene

Leo leapt to defend ‘film royalty’ but Streep didn’t seem to mind

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly “had a problem” with Meryl Streep‘s nude scene in the recent Netflix release Don’t Look Up.

Speaking to The Guardian, director Adam McKay (The Big Short, Succession, Vice) said that the 47-year-old multi-award winner came to the defence of his equally decorated 72-year-old co-star over a minute scene in the film where ‘she’ appears naked.

Although the scene itself was actually filmed using a body double, DiCaprio likened her to “film royalty” and suggested that he didn’t like seeing her nude and with the lower back tattoo, even if only for a second, asking if the shot was even needed at all.

McKay, 53, felt he had to remind the actor that “It’s President Orlean [her character in the movie]; it’s not Meryl Streep” and furthermore, that Streep herself “didn’t even blink. She didn’t even bring it up.”

Don’t Look Up

While we can understand DiCaprio’s deference for someone who is widely considered one of the greatest actors of all time, it’s clear that no matter how much pull her seniority and veteran status in Hollywood may give her these days, she shows the same commitment and openness to a role as the star of The Revenant, The Wolf of Wall Street and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape does.

The films mentioned above might be some of DiCaprio’s most visceral performances – but Streep Meryl put just as much remarkable energy into movies like Sophie’s Choice, One True Thing, Kramer vs Kramer and so many more.

We get it: he was just trying to pay respect to a legend but it’s clear that greatness doesn’t need any special treatment. You can read our full Don’t Look Up review here.

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