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05th Jun 2015

Kate Moss kicked Andrew Marr out of his chair


Andrew Marr has spent years grilling politicians and making heads of states squirm in their seat – but it was Kate Moss who booted him out of his.

The broadcaster has revealed the supermodel demanded he move from his seat sitting outside a cafe and even “slightly pushed” him.


Marr, 55, told The Evening Standard: “(She) slightly pushed me and said, “Can I have your seat? You’ve been there a while and I need to sit down.”

Shortly after suffering a near-fatal stroke in 2013, he moved close to Moss’s manor in leafy Primrose Hill, North London.

Marr added: “She didn’t push me out of my chair exactly, I’d finished my coffee and she made it clear that it was time for people who had finished their coffee to vacate the rare seat in the sunshine.”

If she was marking her territory, at least she didn’t spray him.