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12th Jun 2023

Kanye West eats sushi served on naked woman for his 46th birthday

Charlie Herbert

Kanye West has prompted anger after he chose to have sushi served to him on a naked woman’s body at his birthday party.

Celebrities are pretty infamous for their often-lavish and raucous celebrations, but this is downright weird from Kanye.

The rapper decided to have a naked woman lying on a table at his birthday bash, with sushi placed on her body.

Many of you may only recognise this sort of thing from an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but it is a real-world phenomenon, albeit an objectifying and pretty seedy one.

It is called ‘nyotaimori’ in Japanese, and dates back to the Edo period in Japan, between 1603 and 1867. Back then it also involved alcohol and more than just eating food off the woman’s body – we won’t go into the details here.

But it is understandably widely condemned. Along with being blatantly degrading and sexist, there is also the simply matter of it being pretty unhygienic.

This didn’t put Ye off though. Footage from his birthday party held in LA on June 10 show the naked woman lying on a table covered in food.

Many called out Kanye for it, and also just couldn’t get their head around what was so appealing about the practice.

One person wrote: “I just don’t get it. Why? Tradition? Ok but why! Just serve your food on a hygienic non sweating plate. What if she needed to pee? How did she get this job? ‘Hi I’m here for the audition for the Table job’? So many questions.”

Another said: “What is this? Isn’t he the the guy who has been preaching about Jesus Christ?”

And a third added: “No leg to stand on when it comes to his rants about Kim and his Kids.”

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