Joe Rogan thinks Daniel Craig is the best Bond of all time 10 months ago

Joe Rogan thinks Daniel Craig is the best Bond of all time

Do you agree with his assessment?

Podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan stirred up debate this week when he claimed that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond of all time.


Bond is one of the most recognised and celebrated faces in the history of cinema, with seven different actors stepping into 007's shoes since the late Sean Connery first did so in 1962's Dr. No.

So far, there have been 24 Bond films, with the latest - No Time To Die - set for release later this year. Daniel Craig's final outing as Bond, it was pushed back due to the impact of coronavirus on the film and movie industry.

Where does Craig rank in a list of the greatest Bond actors of all time? If you take Rogan's word for it, he'd be right at the top.

"By a mile", in fact.

Rogan made the comments on this week's episode of his hit Spotify show The Joe Rogan Experience. His guest was Brian Redban, a comedian who was actually Rogan's initial co-host on the show.

Nowadays, Redban is just an occasional guest, and this week the two discussed the history of James Bond. While dressed as astronauts.


Rogan said: "The only thing that separates people from my opinion is nostalgia.

"If you just looked at it objectively, if I said 'which one of these motherf***ers really looks like he can kill people' there's one answer. It's Daniel Craig."

The 53-year-old doubted whether some of the previous Bond heroes would be capable of inflicting such violence.

Turning to Redban, Rogan asked "You don't really think that Timothy Dalton is up there nuking f***ers? Stabbing people, murking people?"


He added "Roger Moore is fantastic, but you don't believe Roger Moore is legitimately out there f***ing people up."

Rogan rounded off his case for Daniel Craig by concluding "It's not disrespect for Roger Moore. It's not disrespectful to Timothy Dalton.

"You've got Sean Connery if you're a silly bitch. And you've got Daniel Craig if you're being honest."